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Kyle Bunting Pushes the Limits in Hide

What began as a middle-of-the-night, spur-of-the-moment idea to create custom hide rugs has since blossomed into a globally recognized name in the field of design, whose creations remain unimpeded in their distinct nature. With his innovative yet timeless hides, Kyle Bunting has pushed the boundaries of what the material can yield for nearly two decades. While his hide rugs initially created the bedrock of the brand, in the past decade Bunting moved beyond creating a singular product, expanding into wall coverings, art, and custom applications . Ever-expanding, Bunting’s recent forays into creative collaborations invited artists Douglas Friedman, Matt Neuman and Abidemi Olowonira to merge their multi-dimensional practices into pieces that blur the lines between decorative object and artwork. On the eve of the company’s 20 anniversary, we sat down with Bunting to discuss the various paths the company has taken, his utmost dedication to quality and his hopes for the future of the brand.


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