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$98.00 per square foot

Drawn from innovative interpretations of the world around us, our studio collection alludes to a modern view of the history of textiles.


Airstream : Ink
Alhambra : Tricolor, Carrot, & Bark
Alhambra : Cream, & Pewter
Confusion : Ink, & Lime
Confusion : Ink, & Lime
Confusion : Cream, Turf, Lime & Ink
Confusion : Silver, Platinum, & Pool
Crossfire : Cream, & Carrot
Crush : Oink, Cream, Turf, Ink, Cone, Mustard, Lips, Chick, & Pool
Crush : Barley, & Wheat
Fez : Lemon, Chocolate, Azalea, Coral, Pecan, & Cone
Fez : Lemon, Chocolate, Azalea, Coral, Pecan, & Cone
Fez : Sapphire, & Chestnut
Flume : Cream, Ink, Silver, & Aluminum
Flume : Jade, Mint, & Teal
Ignition :Camel, Wheat, Ivory, Cardinal, & Maple
Ignition :Camel, Wheat, Ivory, Cardinal, & Maple
Jet Stream :Silver
Jet Stream :Carrot, Silver, Citrus, & Ink
Jet Stream :Ink, & Pewter
Lance :Grape, Cream, Turf, Lime, & Grape
Lexar :Ink, Sapphire, Stone, & Pinot
Lexar :Ink, Sapphire, Stone, & Pinot
Loop :Ink, & Cream
Madness :Oak, & Wheat
Madness :Platinum, & Cream
Madness :Stone, & Cream
Marquee :Cream, Silver & Sapphire
Marquee :Silver, & Mink
Ned :Teal, & Caribbean
Promenade :Cream
Promenade :Maple
Promenade :Cream
Reflect :Cream, & Sapphire
Reflect :Smoke
Reflect :Slate, Cream, & Oak
Reflect : Gold
Revolution : Turquoise, Lemon, Ink, & Silver
Revolution : Turf, Ink, Kelp, Charcoal, & Slate
Revolution: Slate, Garnet, & Pumpkin
Revolution: Smoke, & Ink
Revolution: Cream, & Gold
Rift: Cream, Silver, Slate & Grapefruit
Ripcord: Cream, & Silver
Ripcord: Slate, & Ink
Shift: Turf, Silver, Lime, Turquoise, Teal, Glacier, Chick, Violet, Pool, Grape, Rita, Azalea, Cardinal, & Periwinkle
Soothe: Sapphire, Cream, & Maple
Soothe: Ivory, Cream, & Palomino
Stack: Cream, Stone, Smoke, & Pool
Temptation:Cream, & Palomino
Zebra: Cream, & Silver
Zebra: Cream


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