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It is natural for your rug to develop creased areas during shipping. In a short time, the rug will unfurl to a flat, natural state. Any odor associated with any Kyle Bunting product is harmless and will dissipate over time.


All colored hides undergo UV testing to ensure colorfastness and consistency. Careful consideration of where the rug will be placed will help the longevity of the product.

Avoid direct UV exposure on rugs with our double-dyed Signature Kyle Bunting colors. Decreasing color saturation and fading are possible over time. Like any natural textile consisting of hide, it is highly recommended that you rotate your carpet regularly.


Sweeping or brushing your rug will generate the best results. The rugs are durable and highly stain resistant as cows spend their lives outdoors.


Sweeping or brushing your rug will generate the best results. It is okay to use a strong suction vacuum on a Kyle Bunting rug, however, we suggest never using a vacuum with a beater brush to clean our product.


When it comes to stains, clean with warm water and dishwashing soap. After cleaning, carefully pat dry the treated area to avoid damage to the leather. Never scrub or rub abrasively.


When the above cleaning recommendations do not remove the spot, your rug can be cleaned by a reputable professional cleaner using the following steps. (Steps: Air dust clean, desoil with neutral pH encapsulating foam product, repeat air dusting cleaning)


Occasionally damage may occur, or minor imperfections may appear in our hand made productions. In order to remedy this we have a simple repair kit to assist our clients should minor detail need to be addressed.