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Every success story has a beginning, a humble spark of vision that sets aflame creativity and imagination. Sixteen years ago, with a gift from his father, rough sketches, and a dream, Kyle Bunting turned vision into reality when he introduced designers to the decorative hide rug. With a will to create the beautiful and a drive to innovate, Kyle Bunting transformed hair-on-hide into something extraordinary.


The piece that started it all -- the Texas County Hide Art piece hangs in our studio as a constant reminder of our roots.



Handmade In Austin, TX

Making a Kyle Bunting rug means producing a piece rooted in quality: every element exceptionally placed, every seam thoroughly inspected, and every inch intricately examined. Since 2001, we've produced over half a million square feet of hide rugs, each and every one of them handmade and personally scrutinized by Kyle and his team of contributing artisans. As such, we assure that designers and clients alike receive the original, the one and only, the extraordinary in hide.



Endless Possibilities

With a will to create the beautiful and a drive to innovate, Kyle Bunting set out to redefine how hide is used for interior applications. From luxurious hide rugs and wall coverings to an extensive collection of upholstery and architectural solutions the possibilities are endless. Abiding to the mantra, “Any Size, Any Shape, Any Color,” Kyle Bunting boasts 100 unique collection designs, 120+ hair-on-hide colors, and unlimited design potential. Serving a vast clientele of domestic and international designers for residential and commercial projects, Kyle continues to deliver the absolute best — the one, the only, the extraordinary in hide.



Works of Art

Every Kyle Bunting rug is born from imagination and constructed by hand. Each work is carefully handled and professionally photographed, capturing, even showcasing, the inherent luxury and beauty of its design. With a level of expertise that is nothing less than remarkable, a Kyle Bunting is more than just a hide rug -- it’s a work of art.



Contact us to get started on a project of your own, or view our territories and showroom page to connect with a Kyle Bunting representative.

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