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A Collaboration with Artist Matthew Neuman

Introducing the latest Kyle Bunting collection, Radiance created in collaboration with abstract artist, Matt Neuman. Renowned for his innovative creativity, Neuman combines geometric interactions, line, color and repetition in his contemporary designs for his Kyle Bunting Collection.

Radiance uses a combination of color placement, balanced composition, European hide, and skilled craftsmanship to create three unique patterns - Meridian, Solstice, and Equinox.

Neuman's collection reflects his recognizable style and speaks of the balance and symmetry we seek. Kyle Bunting has translated Neuman's artistic vision into modern masterpieces.

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Meridian features oscillating curves and varying line weight. A quintessential exercise in symmetry, the design bilaterally dissects and pivots to create visual energy and movement.


Solstice spotlights concentric shapes emitting from a central focal point. By layering thin and wide lines a full circular illusion of Solstice is achieved as the pattern travels outward from its core.


Using clarity and order for visual control, Neuman’s concept of artistic intensity without chaos is well represented by Equinox. Illustrating balance and symmetry, the arcs radiate across a celestial equator, representing days and nights of equal length.

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