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Uniting talents like photographer Douglas Friedman, abstractionist Matt Neuman, mixed media artist Abidemi, and AD 100 perennial Amy Lau, Kyle Bunting creates unique, new-era masterpieces, in sublime varieties, blurring the distinction between object and art. These collections are a modern reflection of cross-media collaboration between leading artists and artisans. The work translates artistic vision into unique handmade studio rugs, murals, and art for the modern home.

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Element Collection

Influenced by nature, structure, and the infinite possibilities of space, the Element Series, envisioned by emerging Artist Abidemi, investigates the sublime and spiritual by exploiting shapes and voids. In collaboration with Kyle Bunting, Element is uniquely and beautifully transformed using hide, a material of incredible depth, dimension, and tactile expression.

Atlas Collection

Kyle Bunting translated Friedman’s artistic vision into original pieces that are dimensional, detailed, and dynamic. Balancing minimalism against a playful and lavish aesthetic, Atlas is a colorful, contemporary collection dramatically displayed in Douglas’ eclectic Texas retreat, The Friedman Ranch.

Radiance Collection

Radiance is created in collaboration with abstract artist, Matt Neuman. Renowned for his innovative creativity, Neuman combines geometric interactions, line, color and repetition in his contemporary designs for his Kyle Bunting Collection.

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